A unified and integrated Connected Health

Almaviva offers an innovative model of healthcare starting from the patient, and moving through the network delivering health, social-health and social-welfare services, reaches peripheral and central Bodies, creating a fully integrated ecosystem, within which service users and givers have vertical, but integrated, tools and resources ensuring data uniqueness, real-time availability, and effective sharing for a more widespread Healthcare system operated by different players.

A holistic, people-centric vision, also taking into account planning and governance needs. A new idea of Connected Health introduces a broader concept of “care” that considers certain new aspects:

Aging of the population and increase of chronic diseases

Promotion of prevention-oriented patient education

Trend of care delocalization, even in home care-mode

Creation of a single digital record file (citizen medical history), and prescription & exam record dematerialization


A new healthcare model

Digital is the enabling element of new healthcare based on data and information, on the interoperability of systems, on services that are usable and accessible to the public in quick times and based on needs.

In Almaviva vision, the public healthcare model must put citizens squarely at the center of the scene and act according to their needs for interaction with the National Health System, along four dimensions, and according to a perspective in which the patient becomes part of the treatment.

Prevention and lifestyles

Access to local healthcare systems

Treatment in specialized centers

Home healthcare follow-up


Technology for healthcare

The role of technology

Digital technologies play a fundamental role in transforming care and health processes, from clinical and diagnostic to organizational and logistical aspects, ensuring flexibility to the system and freeing up resources.

Artificial Intelligence



Big Data

Mobile Applications

Cloud Computing



Almaviva offering

Almaviva offering approach

Almaviva’s approach considers the citizen at the center of an ecosystem in which the various resources, intended as structures, services, instrumentation and information are always accessible and interconnected.

By implementing emerging and AI-driven technologies, Almaviva supports the enhancement of the healthcare model from hospital-centric to patient-centric, with a focus on prevention, proactive care and better management of chronic diseases, both oncological and age-related.

"Zero-patient" is the goal in this process of reducing hospitalization, to both prevent the worsening of chronic diseases and improve knowledge about drivers and risk factors leading to the development of these diseases, guaranteeing the population, as far as possible, healthy aging.

National offering

Central Gov digitalization process projects: e-healthcare records, e-prescriptions, e-payments for healthcare treatments via PagoPA, digital identity authentication via SPID, health card, Telemedicine

Local offering

System integration to access and use locally active services, through App and Portal based on a patient, caregivers, physician, and admin staff profile authentication method

On-site offering

Solutions supporting local Healthcare Bodies and local medicine: telemonitoring, telemedicine, emergency center management, improvement of on-site patient caregiving, home care

Offering for hospitals

Solution for the IT hospital system: orchestration between hospital depts, Telemedicine services (televisit, consultation, monitoring, rehabilitation), AI-based predictive models

Almaviva Digital Health platform

An ESB integration middleware supporting and orchestrating the dialogue between active hospital depts., in order to uniform data generated by different systems.

Almaviva Digital Health enables the activation of several different services (Telemedicine and its applications: televisit, consultation, monitoring, and rehabilitation), AI-diven predictive models supporting clinical diagnosis, logistics, Administration, Finance & Control, and the generation of anonymous data lake for clinical and statistical analysis purposes.

Data Health

Advanced document management platform

Integration Services & Entities Framework

Managing the shift from a “document” view to an “entity” view

Platform Engines

Set of services for access to the information in natural language

Device Management

Management of the healthcare devices


Advanced data processing platform

AI 4 Health

Services based on Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithms specialized for healthcare


The Platform of National Telemedicine

Almaviva and Engineering have been awarded AGENAS concession to implement and manage, through the project company PNT Italia, the Platform of National Telemedicine - namely PNT - the national platform enabling the national Healthcare System to address citizen needs in a more timely and efficient way, delivering benefits tangible to people as far as accessibility, inclusion, efficiency, and cost saving.


Remote access to care services and information

Data security and protection

System interaction and interoperability


PNT - Platform of National Telemedicine

The Cloud-native national platform enabling integrated healthcare services and providing access to care at a national level

Focus on

The centrality of data

Territorial health services

Telemedicine Services

Hospital Information System

Services for the citizen

Predictive models

DLT, Big Data, AI, and Cyber Threat Intelligence

Since 2017 Almaviva has been implementing solutions for the traceability and immutability of data using Blockchain technology.

Keeping track of the chronology of medical prescriptions, the administration of drugs and the relative assumption of treatments, guaranteeing the information relative to the patient’s consent, the secure exchange of health data, ensuring methods of secure information sharing between healthcare operators and the entities that come into contact with the healthcare structures: the guarantee of data integrity is one of the main advantages of Blockchain in Healthcare.

The definition of a new decentralized, uninterrupted, and comprehensive architectural and interoperability model for the entire healthcare ecosystem, ensures the most effective way at facing challenges, especially where the coexistence of multiple cooperating realities requires a shared, open and flexible solution involving the collaboration of different players.Based on a social-technological transformation that promotes the continuous collection and analysis of data to generate new knowledge, optimize the allocation of resources and improve organizational processes, Artificial Intelligence systems have now reached a level of technological maturity that allows them to be applied in the healthcare world, always taking into consideration the legal, privacy and ethical implications stemming from their use.

Unlike other, more digitally-oriented organizations, healthcare facilities have often devoted fewer resources to data security and staff training on cybersecurity. This delay in dealing with cyber threats has made them more vulnerable to attacks.

Artificial intelligence can be used to detect and prevent cyber attacks, identify anomalous behavior in computer systems, improve the security of networks and devices, as well as to analyze large amounts of data in order to identify potential vulnerabilities.

To improve cyber defense, it is essential to combine Cyber Threat Intelligence services, with a focus on the healthcare universe. Threat intelligence can play a fundamental role in prevention by improving the risk exposure of healthcare organizations.

Research and cooperation

Turning healthcare systems in a path made of automation, integration, and compliance to regulations is the commitment of Almaviva Group, supporting the process of digital growth in the Country strategic sectors.

Deep knowledge of the healthcare environment, strong technological skills, long-lasting experience in research projects and technological cooperation enable the Group to develop, with a multi-discipline appproach, a wide variety of integrated platforms to manage and monitor healthcare services delivered locally by different Bodies, as well as access to data and information by citizens, and multiple predictive solutions to support medical professionals and hospital care-givers in the management of social health processes.

Research projects

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