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Estimated Staffing Needs – Agenas

Estimated Staffing Needs – Agenas

Use Case

Determination of staffing needs


The three-year Personnel Needs Plan is the tool used by the administration to ensure the functionality and optimization of human resources necessary for the best operation of services, consistent with financial availability and constraints.

Estimating staffing needs is a key challenge for public administrations aiming to manage human resources more efficiently and providing better services to citizens.

The new estimate of personnel requirements

To achieve this goal, AlmavivA has developed computer applications for determining staffing needs in collaboration with Agenas. The restructuring was carried out with the support of machine learning technologies and analytics and insights instrumentation for data analysis.

Immediate availability of information

Enhancement of local care

Data processing and analysis through machine learning, analytics and insights technologies



The new method of estimating staffing needs can be a tool for cross-regional comparison in all healthcare and hospital settings. It can also encourage the sharing of best practices, with the end result of higher quality health services.

Increased cooperation across the Nation

Sharing best practices

Increased protection for users


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