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Strengthening the territorial assistance information network

Strengthening the territorial assistance information network

Use Case

Strengthening the territorial assistance information network


Territorial care includes all healthcare and public healthcare activities and services spread throughout the territory. This includes a range of services from primary care to pharmaceutical care and at-home services for people who are elderly or seriously ill.

Stengthening primary care

To support local care, Almaviva has designed a system, accessible through SPID and linked to PagoPA, that allows for one-click scheduling of exams or specialist visits, crunching on-site waiting times. This leads to a restructuring of care networks and a reshaping of the national supply, thereby strengthening the local versus hospital-based response.

Scheduling exams and specialist visits with one click

Strengthening local primary care

Reshaping the national supply



The system enhances the role of primary care in a network perspective that ensures and maintains an integrated, holistic view of healthcare and treatment processes for individuals and communities. At the same time, it reduces wait times and long lines in regional healthcare offices.

Enhancing the role of local primary care

More efficient community management

Reducing dehospitalization wait times


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