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People-centered Technology

People-centered Technology

#AI4YOU: the natural interaction with technology

With its professionals, 9 offices in 3 Countries (Italy, Brazil, USA), and a strategic scientific cooperation network, Almawave offers proprietary technology-based solutions to transform experiences, processes, business through natural language understanding.

Customer centricity

The enhancement of customer business at the center of Almawave strategy. Distinguishing professional skills on enabling technologies and major frameworks - Architecture AI, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Open Data – and a deep knowledge of the main industries’ business processes operationalizes the potential artificial intelligence offers, making it tangible and measurable, also in the most complex environments. Moving from technology to solutions.

An omnichannel, modular and exhaustive, ecosystem

Solutions based on AI-driven technologies to interpret the voice of the customer. Insight and knowledge discovery to make you achieve a real competitive advantage.

R&D Labs

From technology to processes for immediate, tangible, and measurable results. Almawave organizes its technological vision through dedicated R&D labs.

Language Technology

Technologies and advanced models of multilanguage text understanding

Speech Technology

Innovation in automatic speech recognition and multi-language translation

Speech Solutions

Advanced solutions for multichannel analysis of the voice

Contact Management

Easy and efficient management of multichannel customer care processes, also in the human-to-human interaction


Iride®: a complete and modular suite of products for customer-centric strategy

Discover Iride®: the suite of integrated products – operating in over 30 languages, text & voice – to enhance information, transform processes, and create a better Customer Experience.

Information Management

Data & information management and enhancement from different sources, through a unified vista to discover new relations and widen the knowledge of customers. Optimization and automation of enterprise processes.

Iride® Text Analytics

Improve the real-time understanding of your customer needs

Iride® Voice

Evaluate the quality of your service directly from the voice of the customer

Iride® Voice RT

Support agents in real-time operations management of Contact Centers

Iride® Verbal Order

Transform drastically the process or verbal order management

Iride® KM

Exploit the advanced search engine tailored on your business

Iride® Aware

Use the social network to extract opinions, sentiment, and mood on topics of interest


Natural interaction

Interactions in natural language for an experience in line with user expectations, to improve their engagement with efficient customer care services, fast and safe purchase processes, tailored offers.

Iride® Wavebot

Discover the smart virtual agent interacting in natural language

Iride® Channel Hub

Involve users in an effective way through semantic routing

Iride® Call

Communicate with customers in the easiest and most effective way

Iride® KM

Exploit the advanced search engine tailored on your business

Iride® Text Analytics

Improve the real-time understanding of your customer needs

Iride® CM

Use a single interface to navigate and access information in natural language

Iride® Trainer

Reduce training times and improve the learning curve


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AI, NLP, Speech Technologies, Omnichannel CX, Big Data Services, Data Science

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