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Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System

Healthcare data

At the center of Almaviva proposal is the enhancement of the data produced by the existing healthcare structure applications, the ability to collect it and organize it in data lakes without having to make changes to the existing structure.

Anonymous data collection available for statistical or flow purposes, even in relation to other analytics systems.

The Electronic Medical Record allows a digital document to be created which is filed by the healthcare structure which has a patient in its care to manage all the data relative to his or her clinical history in an organized way and to guarantee continuity of future care. This data can be used for multiple purposes: therapeutic, predictive and administrative.

ESB – Enterprise Service Bus

Hospital Ward File

Home Care File

Outpatient File



Centralized view of the patient through the creation of a single file on the hospital level containing all the data on hospitalization, outpatient services, instrumental exams and laboratory tests

Reduction of the risk of error through certain identification of the patient and treatment monitoring

Optimization of ward stock management for drugs and medical devices thanks to real-time management of unloading/consumption and evolved algorithms for identification of needs/stock

Consistent input of advanced Artificial Intelligence systems starting from the establishment of a structured database


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