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Hospital Discharge Form

Hospital Discharge Form

Use Case

A dashboard to support regional hospital facilities


Hospital discharge paperwork requires healthcare personnel to fill out documents containing a set of different type of information, retrieved from the patient clinical file record, producing a time delay in the execution of healthcare activities. This was made even more evident by the COVID-19 emergency, which has led to a surge in the number of hospitalizations.

Support for hospitals

Almaviva solution is a hospital discharge form embedded within the hospital information system (HIS), a platform created specifically to automate and optimize the hospital discharge process. Through the HIS dashboard, healthcare personnel check and manage discharge forms before sending them to the relevant local health authorities. Through this system, different types of patient data, both personal and clinical (such as diagnosis, diagnostic procedures, information on hospitalization and hospital discharge), as well as information on the facility - is managed digitally.

A single point of access for hospital discharges

Digitization of discharges

Systematization of patient information



The system requires less time to fill in papers by healthcare staff, a smaller monitoring by regional staff and provides an effective tool for monitoring bed saturation in different departments, including intensive care units. It also allows for greater control over the data sent to the Ministry of Health.

Centralized management of health information

Real-time data collection

Contribution for performance quality indicators


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