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Interoperability System

Interoperability System

Use Case

New primary care clinical document system


The digital transition also affects every stage of healthcare, from intake to referral, from administrative and clinical management with prescriptions and production of medical reports to the management of follow-ups in case of acue events.

In this context, national and regional healthcare institutions are called to a new challenge: adapting their services to digitization.

CDR structure

In collaboration with Almaviva, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, with the Health Protection Agency, has built a clinical document system (Clinical Document Repository, CDR), which allows all clinical and diagnostic documents produced by the different health facilities in the area to be shared across the region.

The system ensures digital management of medical records, system interoperability, and fast, privacy-compliant access modes.

Standardization of treatment integrations and data

Implementation of software to manage medical records

Telemedicine solutions



CDR makes it possible to share—across the Region—all diagnostic documents tied to patients’ master data produced by different health facilities in the area. With this means, healthcare employees in emergency, non-emergency and continuing care services will be able to access regionally issued referrals, drastically improving the quality of offered services.

Immediate access to reports

Integration and sharing of regional data


Patient record management


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