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The world through the eyes of tomorrow

Almaviva’s approach to sustainability integrates various social, environmental, and governmental aspects, not only in terms of the products and services that it puts on the market, but also in terms of how businesses function, stimulating a synergy that allows a company to favor an ethical, inclusive, and environmentally friendly digital transition.

This integrated model allows Almaviva to create shared value, which becomes social value for people, economic value for clients and stakeholders, and environmental value for the ecosystem.

2022 Sustainability Report

Almaviva's responsible digital transition: innovation and technological support in all ESG areas

Letter to Stakeholders

The challenge is to reconcile technological innovation, environmental conservation, quality of life, and preservation of economic stability

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A global network leading the way in the digital transformation

Through the ultimate digital technology, Almaviva is committed to improving people's lives, pervasively and in every sector, putting technology’s potential to work for the community and driving transformation responsibly toward a better future for all.

Through its business activities, the group accompanies its clients in their digital transformation, building trusting and transparent relationships that strengthen its own reliability and credibility.

At the same time, Almaviva wants to take its own business in a more sustainable direction, adhering to a model that creates shared economic value, develops human capital, and safeguards the country’s natural heritage.

Almaviva’s employees are its most important resource. This is why the company is committed to safeguarding each persons’ differences and unique qualities, nurturing their mental and physical health, as well as their growth and well-being, through training courses and by seeking out the most talented young men and women. Its focus on social impact is spread out along the entire value chain: from suppliers, to clients, and all the way to communities

Its efforts to protect the environment are implemented through a special environmental management system that’s designed to minimize the company's impact on the planet, climate, and natural resources. The group monitors its emissions and energy consumption, promoting the use of energy from renewable sources and seeking to reduce waste and externalities that are harmful to the environment, from the perspective of circular economy, ensuring efficiency and sustainability

At the foundation of the group's behavior and actions towards all those involved, is a corporate governance system that integrates its business strategy with ethical principles, thus ensuring transparency and trust. The values that guide the company, also inspire its system of policies and procedures, which has been established in accordance with the highest regulatory standards in an effort to prevent conflicts of interest and comply with legal provisions


Almaviva’s sustainability ecosystem

Partnerships based on deep synergy and shared projects

Almaviva Group is building and nurturing its sustainability ecosystem with many companies and organizations. Some examples?

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