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Augmented City

Augmented City

The Nation's digital transformation

Augmenting human perception through devices and software: this is the underlying concept of augmented reality, a growing field expected to reach an estimated 1,73 billion users by 2024. What happens if we expand the concept of AR to urban ecosystems? The Augmented City is born, a digitally enhanced urban reality powered by digital tools.

System simplicity, citizen centricity

An Augmented City promotes the enhancement and optimization of services for its residents through systems based on sensors and artificial intelligence, enabling real-time reading and analysis of data from phenomena that occur daily in urban environments, such as pollution and traffic.

Beyond sensors

In an Augmented City, everyday urban life is transformed into data that can be analyzed and processed, with the ultimate goal of making residents’ daily lives more efficient and sustainable.

The Augmented City is not just about sensor placement, but rather represents the next step after physical sensing, which local communities are already equipped for.

Today this sector is focused on developing digital solutions that can make existing tools interoperable and enhance services through technologies like software, artificial intelligence systems, and hardware capable of collecting or managing vast amounts of data.

The key word in smart territories is “transformation”

Almaviva Group invests in technology, research, innovation, platforms, skills, and strategic alliances to make the value of information increasingly tangible and accessible, contextualized and leveraged according to the perception and needs of the user, client, community, and market.

Smart territories use this newfound knowledge to support better decisions in areas such as security, energy consumption, waste treatment, mobility, healthcare, education, and more.

Smart Land

A new vision for the benefit of local areas, citizens, and businesses

Digital twin & Metaverso

Innovating processes in public administration is a strategic issue. Thanks to its years of experience, Almaviva is the ideal partner to facilitate the digital transformation of local communities.

The application of digital technologies for collecting data from territories and transforming it into good governance and new services contributes to the radical change taking place in PA management, making public administration not only more effective and less expensive, but also increasingly capable of nurturing a transparent and fruitful dialogue with residents.

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