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The centrality of data

The centrality of data

A unified and integrated healthcare informative system

Almaviva proposes a unified and integrated healthcare information system to support the growth process of the Regional Health System toward more efficient organizational models, innovation of the processes and activation of new services. The citizens and their needs at the center.

The Citizen’s Portal is designed for them, but also for healthcare workers, social-health structures and regional government: all the integrated services offered by the Regional Health System can be accessed from a single point through a web platform and an App.

Centrality of the data


All the services can be used over any channel, a solution that allows for constantly updated data because it refers to a single instance of the file that can be activated, edited and completed through different channels

The technology of the integration middleware (ESB) allows dialog to be enabled between applications and processes, creating new functions for the players involved, particularly for the services in support of the territory

The management dashboard input allows the regional government to monitor expense and support the prevention and planning processes with enhanced data


The architecture of the Regional Informative System

Objective of the Centralized Regional System, to support governing the healthcare policy through real-time management of:

Official health data

Vaccination management

Citizens’ portal

Electronic Medical Record

Selection and revocation of general practitioner

Waiting lists

Booking Service

Telemedicine Services


The creation of this system guarantees the interoperability of the healthcare systems so that all the regions can speak the same language and share the same view of the patients: technological standards, data, uniform processes and systems which cooperate with one another can realistically provide an advantage, evolving over time based on the best experiences in the territory.

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