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Blockchain for healthcare

Blockchain for healthcare


Many interventions this technology can put in place to improve the processes that characterize the health ecosystem and solve discussion points currently still open.

First of all, the Management of the Procurement of Medical devices (MD), has contributed a major innovation to our country: the introduction of the "value-based" approach and the evaluation of the clinical benefit.

In this context, Blockchain is a tool for traceability of the award and purchase process and for the management and automation of the supply process through smart contracts.

Another extremely interesting sector in which the Blockchain shows its value is that of the traceability of diagnostic kits, both in reference to human pathologies and the monitoring of food products and for genome sequencing.

In the post-Covid19 era, the need has arisen to authenticate each test kit from manufacturer to patient, ensure privacy through encrypted data, prevent tampering with results and data loss, allow instant access to the test result, and,finally, symptom tracking. In this framework, Blockchain provides consumers the necessary transparency on the origin and authenticity of the kits.

Blockchain is also highly applicable to clinical trials whose costs, duration and success rate strongly depend on data management. Tracing the experimental protocol, together with communications to and from the patient, and monitoring the subjects enrolled after the studies through a register of adverse drug reactions with Blockchain certainly improves the progress of the trial.

In terms of registers, the reference to the bio-testament is a must. Even the DAT, together with the management of consent, passes through Blockchain Technology, which brings significant advantages for the patient and the operators involved in terms of legal certainty and guaranteeing compliance with the right to self-determination in end-of-life therapeutic choices.

Finally, traceability is also an important advantage in hospital operators where, in the event of a deficit or malfunction of medical devices, it is necessary to demonstrate the absence of responsibility. Blockchain technology protects the integrity and quality of a network of interconnected medical devices, wearable medical devices, but also the management of the surgery itself, the origin and location of the components and their functionality.

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