Skills and Innovation for finance ecosystems

Digital transformation is the pervasive change that has accelerated the adoption of new business models and the streamlining of existing ones.

In this context, the finance industry is being called upon to strategically rethink technology in order to diversify and innovate the products and services it offers to its end customers.

Almaviva, which has been at the forefront of finance ecosystems’ evolution for more than 30 years, founded ReActive in 2022 from the spin-off of its finance division.

ReActive is now a company employing more than 1,000 professionals, all of whom are engaged in projects to transform financial and insurance services.

ReActive value proposition for banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, asset management companies, and new financial operators

Architecture & Strategic Innovation

High-caliber architectural planning and design authority of solutions that are reliable, cloud-native, and based on open standards

Digital Services

Outstanding quality, efficiency, and scalability in the delivery of platforms and software solutions

Financial Practices

Unique functional expertise in the management of digital transformation projects of varying sizes and complexities


Digital Innovation for the finance industry

ReActive Digital Services Academy

Join a large company, you will find the opportunity to grow while becoming an IT professional in the Financial & Insurance Services

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Transportation & Logistics


Defense & Security