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Drug Bank & App – AIFA

Drug Bank & App – AIFA

Use Case

Twenty years’ experience in supporting the management and evolution of the Drug Database, remaking and adapting databases, app design, and development


The Drug Database, which is the exclusive responsibility of AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), is a public data source that allows citizens and healthcare professionals to find basic information on medications, updated for every drug that is authorized and distributed in Italy.

Digital Drug Database

The new Drug Database created by Almaviva has a revamped graphical interface, a dedicated app, and a dedicated Updates section. Here, users can browse in real time the list of drugs that have undergone changes, either in the Summary of Product Characteristics (RCP) and Package Leaflet (PL) or in the last 40 days.

Graphics redesign

Addition of useful features for citizens

Modernized user experience

Development and release of an app



Through the new ways of using the Database, national health service providers can more quickly and effectively access drug characteristics when prescribing them to patients, streamlining medical procedures. For citizens, the new interface and app enable better understanding of the information entered in the PLs regarding the medications they are prescribed.

Accessible digital information for all medications

Reinforced support for medical services

Easy citizen access to drug properties


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