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Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

Use Case

Tools for EHR support aimed at ensuring effectiveness from a clinical perspective


To consult and get copies of their medical records today, citizens must visit the referring hospital, fill out paperwork, request a copy, and pay the issuance fees before receiving them, generally in paper format. This is a time-consuming process that risks scattering important patient health information.

A single point of access for citizen health

Almaviva solution provides citizens with a communication portal, a unified digital space accessible through SPID, to retrieve all health information and features needed to start and balance requests to access clinical personal records. It is, in practical terms, a direct and intuitive channel to access the information of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The portal is implemented through the use of technology for real-time access and management of clinical records. It also guarantees regional EHR services not included among those offered by subsidiaries through a centralized, interoperable platform.

Single point of access to EHR information

Citizen communication portal with access through SPID

Web services and customer interfaces for laboratory report management

Hosting of regional EHR services not included among those offered by subsidiaries



Through the portal, citizens can access a single profile for all their personal health information. This integrated EHR access point also aims to facilitate care and improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

A single profile for all personal health information

Facilitated care

Improved communication between patients and healthcare personnel



On occasion of the online conference, the Sardinia Region’s “Electronic Health Record 2.0” project, developed in collaboration with Almaviva, received a special mention in the “Citizen Services” category from the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management.

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Special mention to Sardinia Region for the "Electronic Healthcare Record 2.0", developed in cooperation with Almaviva

Award assigned by the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory at the Polytechnic University of Milan’s School of Management during the online conference “Digital Healthcare Beyond the Emergency: More Connected For a New Start"


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