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Predictive models

Predictive models

Frontier technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Recognition: making the most of frontier technologies which allow an increasing capacity for integration and analysis of the information that comes from the patient and scientific knowledge, Almaviva works to define new healthcare models, with the passage from traditional systems based on existing information technology and data infrastructures toward the design of health learning systems.

These are systems that can contribute to solving the main clinical problems, eliminating the most common healthcare inefficiencies, identifying economically sustainable healthcare methods for a population that lives longer and faces chronic diseases.

Disease Classification

Classification of the state of a disease based on the patient’s clinical analyses

Disease Prediction

Prediction of the state of a disease for a patient based on his or her clinical history

Clinical Complications

Prediction of clinical complications for the patient following surgery

Pharmacological Treatments

Prediction of the results of pharmacological treatments

Logistic processes

Application of predictive models in logistical areas (management of the drug, warehouse, …)


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