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Telemedicine Platform - TELEADVICE

Telemedicine Platform - TELEADVICE

Use Case

The platform for managing emergency room requests and ECG tracings


Every hospital emergency room in Italy receives requests from citizens on a daily basis and then handles them at every stage, from bureaucratic management of each case to ambulance assistance.

Especially during the COVID-19 emergency, managing the flow of hospitalizations held central importance.

Strengthening Emergency Rooms

Almaviva’s solution is called Teleadvice. The platform makes it possible to take in and then manage emergencies at regional emergency rooms, including ECG tracings and other operations performed on ambulances, with a constantly updated database.

It also enables remote consultations between physicians in any emergency room where the patient is being treated and specialists at referring hospitals.

Support for ambulance operations

Integration between different levels of care

Remote consultation between emergency rooms and specialists



Digitizing ER procedures allows for faster and more effective management of emergencies—all with the benefit of offering citizens faster and more efficient intakes.

More efficient management of emergencies at hospitals

Reduction in transfers

Faster intakes


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