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Digital Relationship Management

Digital Relationship Management

Digital mindset, human touch

In an era of rapid technological transformation, organisations that fail to keep up with the digital revolution are forced to pay a high price. The most innovative businesses are those capable of actively listening to their customers daily, during the customer journey and on all communication channels.

The value of personal contact, the power of technological innovation: a unique strategy adopted for Digital Relationship Management

Thanks to its ‘Made in Italy’ expertise, Almaviva Group Digital Relationship Management has created a network that values different cultures, intelligence and diversified skills to offer innovative digital customer management solutions at a global level, capable of transforming and enhancing the interaction between customers and service providers.

A fundamental tool in this regard is Almawave people-centered proprietary platform that uses artificial intelligence to innovate the management of the customer relationship.

Companies for Digital Relationship Management

Customer engagement management in natural language and real-time speech analytics to understand the customer’s voice, by Almawave

Almawave is among the leading Italian players in the development of speech recognition & natural language processing technologies applied to customer experience management and advanced analytics.

With a profile that continues to grow at a global level, the company proposes a comprehensive framework for managing the customer experience besides knowledge intelligence and engagement solutions for improving the level of efficacy of services.

Nowadays, Almaviva Group is among the market leaders in the ‘Visionaries’ quadrant for digital relationship management services

The Magic Quadrant for CM BPO ranks Almaviva Group among the major players in the global market and places the company in the ‘Visionaries’ quadrant.

This thanks to Almawave proprietary technological platform, based on the comprehension of natural language with the use of A.I. technologies, which allow for understanding and analysing in real time the interaction with the customer in human-to-human, ‘self’, assisted or supervised mode on the various contact channels – both traditional and social media.

Digital mindset, human touch

to enhance the customer journey thanks to Almawave people-centered platform based on the comprehension of natural language with AI technologies

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