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Acknowledgement Authorization Platform

Acknowledgement Authorization Platform

Use Case

Interoperability platform and web application


In regional healthcare, organizations and professionals working in healthcare and public healthcare need authorization to operate, and as a next step, accreditation to be recognized as eligible to provide services through the national health service.

An interoperable platform

In this sense, Almaviva proposes an interoperability platform that provides support in the authorization process to perform healthcare activities. It also facilitates the granting of institutional accreditation to healthcare facilities operating in the regional territory and ensures the automation of functionality.

Support for the authorization process

Simplified institutional accreditation for all facilities

Automation of functionality



Using big data technologies, web services, and client applications, the solution normalizes and manages the authorization and accreditation process for the regional department.

Integration of authorization services

Quality in process management technologies

Efficiency of accreditation functions


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