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Oncocare Institutional Portal

Oncocare Institutional Portal

Use Case

Italian National Cancer Institute institutional portal reengineering


Cancer is a challenge for society and technology. In fact, approaches to each stage of disease management are constantly being updated, both scientifically and qualitatively. The National Cancer Institute relies on a patient-centered approach, placing patients at the center of the entire process.

Monitoring, communication, data

With this in mind, Almaviva has developed a series of solutions:

A platform to manage corporate multidisciplinary oncology groups

The functional implementation of the ONCOCARE web application, designed to monitor prostate cancer patients before, during, and after therapy

An ONCOCARE mobile app designed to follow patients in real time, communicating directly with their radiation physicians and transmitting data regarding the progress of tumor markers and post-treatment symptoms



The new ecosystem facilitates constant comparison of the quality of clinical-scientific services, outcomes, and organizational processes with those at other international organizations to maintain quality performance and care in the operating environment. The patient-centered, continually updated approach enables organized networking: cooperation rather than competition for improved care.

Improved doctor-patient communication and collaboration

Patient-centered approach: patient-focused care

More transparency in data management and monitoring


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