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Life Science

Life Science

Individuals, environment, prevention

The term “Life Science” refers to the set of sciences that deal with living organisms. It is an ever-evolving sector that invests primarily in the field of health, with revolutionary approaches and a holistic view that can be summed up by the concept of “One Health”. This healthcare model integrates various scientific disciplines and gives the health of individuals, both human and otherwise, the same value as the state of the planet. This is the fundamental meaning of the concept of “One Health”.

In the Life Science philosophy, the main focuses are individuals, the environment, and prevention. The only way to prevent global emergencies, like the Covid-19 pandemic, is to consider the health of the planet's inhabitants and ecosystems as a whole, as aspects that exist and travel in parallel to one another, in a single direction.

Continuous evolution

Life Science technologies are constantly evolving. In this field, telemedicine, which is starting to become a mainstream tool, is only the tip of the iceberg.

The digital transformation impacts this philosophy by allowing for the development of strategies and approaches that use and integrate available tools for activities such as monitoring and assistance, especially for the most vulnerable individuals. This can be accomplished through, for example, the integration of IoT and -Artificial Intelligence-based systems that collect data and analyze the available information.

At the core of Life Science is the digital representation of real-world data: the creation of digital twins through which simulations, experiments, the detailed identification of problems, and more accurate scientific studies become possible.

The path to One Health

Almaviva aims to make Life Science systems more efficient, essentially harnessing digital innovation to advance the One Health concept.

This means leveraging the available technological resources in order to transform information related to the health of individuals and the environment into data that can be analyzed and processed.

This approach makes it possible to work with great precision and in detail, yielding benefits such as reduced testing time and the real, progressive, and increasingly optimized implementation of One Health.

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