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SovraCUP System

SovraCUP System

Use Case

Development of the centralized computerized healthcare supply sharing system


To schedule a visit or healthcare service today, citizens must physically go to scheduling counters (CUP) at specific times. This process takes time and is likely to be inaccessible for many citizens.

Supply organization

Almaviva’s solution is the SovraCUP system, which manages all regional federated scheduling counters to organize the provision of healthcare services in the area in a centralized, synchronized manner consistent with healthcare directives regarding waiting lists. This is done through the use of open data, dematerialization of documents, and an interoperable single point of access.

Single information system for the entire Region

Organization of healthcare services

Interoperability and open data



The SovraCUP System ensures and strengthens the full transparency of the services provided by the regional health system. It also optimizes the process of scheduling visits and exams and provides more effective communication to the territory about such interventions by the regional body.

Better waiting list management

More effective communication with the territory

Scheduling optimization


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