Italian Innovation for Agriculture 5.0

An ecosystem in which technology is the foundation of the production process, focused on the objectives of efficiency, sustainability, and waste reduction

Almaviva has been at the forefront of agricultural computerization from the very beginning and today supports the sector’s digitalization process with an expertise that’s unparalleled in Italy and which it acquired as a technological partner of MIPAAF (Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry) and AGEA (Agency for Agricultural Disbursements).

In the digital age, innovation in agriculture is represented by greater market competitiveness and simplified relationships with the Public Administration, but the adoption of technology in an agricultural context also depends on the perceived cost-benefit ratio.

The combination of technological expertise and practical experience has led to the creation of a platform that’s capable of meeting all the needs of an agricultural enterprise - production, administration, management - while guaranteeing contact and interoperability with the Public Administration.

Almaviva AgriFood Becomes Rural to Digital

An integrated approach for guiding the transition from precision agriculture to smart and digital farming

The R2D Platform makes it possible to shift from isolated technological innovations to systemic innovations in business models and processes, for both individual companies and at the system-wide level, with the goal of creating shared value along the supply chain and for the community.

The ideal tool for supporting a farm as it continuously improves and for giving more value to Agriculture 5.0: a platform of open solutions that are capable of integrating different ecosystems, promoting the value of public data, and fostering the Made in Italy trademark.

Rural to Digital

The integrated platform that supports production quality, regional growth, and the value of outstanding Made in Italy products

Even in agriculture, knowledge is the foundation for ensuring quality services for businesses and consumers

The supply chain’s traceability, continuous monitoring of the national territory, integration of cadastral cartography with extremely high resolution aerial and satellite images, and mapping of land use with field checks and remote sensing.



Satellite Monitoring

IoE – Internet of Everything

The Agriculture of Tomorrow. Almaviva Today.

Rural to Digital: a vertical platform generating value in the various sectors related to agriculture

R2D - AgriBanking

A building block platform that integrates solutions for Agriculture 4.0 and offers innovative data collection services from heterogeneous sources in order to generate farm ratings

R2D - Disaster Management

Use of data from satellite monitoring in order to facilitate disaster management through the production of automated image-based evaluations related to specific events

R2D - Graphic Policy

Use of multi-source data in order to generate value, ensure and build a graphic policy using technological tools

Riccagioia Agri 5.0 Foundation: a value accelerator for the future of the territory

Almaviva has long supported PA in the creation of regional agricultural ecosystems that interact with sectors like healthcare and the environment. Today it’s also a founding member of the Riccagioia Foundation: a participatory foundation of which Ersaf-Regione Lombardia is a public partner and whose goal is to create a public-private ecosystem that provides valuable support and qualified guidance in the innovation of business models and new operational processes within the agricultural system.

Riccagioia Agri 5.0 Foundation

An ecosystem in which technology is the basis of the production process, focused on efficiency, sustainability, and waste reduction

The agriculture of the future has never been closer

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AGEA - Agenzia per le Erogazioni in Agricoltura

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ICBP - Istituto Centrale Banche Popolari

CFS – Corpo Forestale dello Stato

Enti Vigilati - ISMEA - Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare, CREA - Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria

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