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Digital Change

Digital Change

Start your revolution

AlmavivA stands beside Industry 4.0 companies and digital-first administration bodies seeking to grasp the opportunities offered by the current transformation process

The fourth industrial revolution is under way. It involves everyone. In the absolute digital era, AlmavivA supports the country’s growth and takes up the challenge that companies must face to remain competitive, by innovating their own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system.

The business of the future belongs to those willing to change

To stay competitive, investing in IT is not enough. It is essential to profoundly review the organisation’s processes, at all levels.

Vision and expertise

AlmavivA has been aiding digital transformation for years in key sectors the country’s economy. Regardless of the sector – finance, public administration, transport, defence and security, agriculture, telecommunications and media – AlmavivA solutions improve systems, operating processes and service levels, and are characterised by a strategic relationship between the public and private sectors.

Take up the challenge, start your digital revolution

Besides the stable bond between machines, objects, cloud applications and people, nowadays value is created through new technologies and services coupled with the digital evolution of processes. All entities are having to face increasingly complex challenges at a faster pace: shortening the time to market, cooperating with customers and suppliers to identify and create increasingly customised products, and ensuring production flexibility in relation to market fluctuations. These objectives can be attained through increasingly integrated, collaborative and efficient processes.

The Italian way to innovation

Nowadays the distinctive factors include having flexible systems, being able to transform innovative ideas into reality and creating customised products. It is through these characteristics that ‘Made in Italy’ has become one of the world’s leading brands. Interconnectivity, interoperability and optimisation of data generated during processes are decisive elements of the new business models. The starting point is crucial. Data transformed into knowledge is the new company asset, which must then be enhanced with skills honed for the new challenges.

Premium solutions and services

AlmavivA supports the country’s digital growth processes and takes up the challenge that each company must face to remain competitive, by innovating its own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system.

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