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Digital Change

Digital Change

An increasingly digital future

Digital transformation is accelerating. And the world is changing. The ways of working and producing, governing and associating, communicating and creating culture, of living are changing. Markets, chains and business models are changing. The methods for creating value, employment and wellbeing are changing. New balances between the public and private systems are emerging. The overall redesign of the production, administrative and services fabric is in progress. Investing in digital is the most effective answer to consolidate the overall growth of the System-Country through widespread innovation.

The participants in this season

Increasingly intelligent devices, increasingly evolved network infrastructures, propagation of contents and applications. Profound and transversal changes characterize a season that offers completely new opportunities, which translate into a continuous evolution of the business strategies, increasingly based on Artificial Intelligence, Edging Computing, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Digital Experience and Mobile Business.

The business of the future belongs to those who know how to change: start your revolution

It is not enough to invest in IT. It is fundamental to undertake a profound revision of the processes of the organization, at all levels. The simultaneous challenge calls the public and private organizations to create new networks and to participate in increasingly articulated digital ecosystems. Interconnection, interoperability and enhancement of the figures produced during the processes are essential elements of the new business models. The fundamental starting point. The datum transformed into new knowledge is the new corporate asset, to be enhanced with an expertise that is adequate for the new challenges.

Group key figures

Italy and Belgium




518 mln €

2019 Turnover


AlmavivA, sparring partner of the transformation

AlmavivA assists the person who accepts the challenge of the ongoing epochal transformation on a development path that invests technological, organizational, social, cultural and managerial changes in a constantly evolving scenario.

AlmavivA, the Made in Italy way to Absolute Digital


Come and learn about the AlmavivA program to introduce digital awareness in organizations and promote their development

Service Orchestration

Discover the AlmavivA integration capacity, which transforms interdependent services of diversified suppliers into end-to-end services cut to the needs of the client

Architectures to Microservices

Are the basis of the AlmavivA digital transformation, no longer monoliths serving individual business processes but ecosystems of microservices that cooperate to carry out complex functions

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Data Center, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Service Brokering on Public Cloud Service Provider: various delivery models to favor every application scenario

The AlmavivA value mix

Technological dominion, a network of global partnerships, a system of international certifications, process expertise unique in diversified markets. And, to impart quality in every part of the system, Practice & Digital Solution Services:

IoT & Emerging Technology


Robotic Process Automation

Enterprise Application Integration

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Monetics & Mobile Payments

Open Data, Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Smart Energy Management

API Economy

IoT-Internet of Things

Spatial Thinking

Biometrics & Facial Recognition Technologies


Digital Solution Factories

Test Engineering

DevOps & Low Code

SAP & SAP Hana

ERP Platforms & Corporate Applications

Open Source

Document & Data Management

Web Development & Portals



Cloud Computing



Cyber Security


Proprietary Solutions and Platforms, Open Innovation Models

AlmavivA’s distinctive factor rests in the ability to establish the growth on open innovation models, thanks to a Solution Framework that makes it possible to finalize an idea by creating personalized projects, combining the management of the most advanced digital frontiers with an indispensable human stamp. These are the characteristics that have made the Made in Italy one of the leading brands in the world.


AlmavivA Enterprise Digital Platform


API & Interoperability Framework & Services


Blockchain & DLT Framework & Services


Mobile & Mesh Application Framework & Services

Smart Energy Management Platform

Visibility, control and automation

By integrating information flows coming from diversified heterogeneous sources, SEM rationalizes the energy consumption of the “building-installation” system in a process of continuous improvement

Cyber Security Platform

Your Company as you have never seen it

Rejecting breaches and reacting to attacks is not enough today: it is necessary to know and prevent potential threats. Do you want to know how to make your ecosystem more secure?

Platform for Mobility

Absolute Digital, Absolute Mobility

Thanks to the use of the most advanced digital technologies, MOOVA enables the new paradigms of sustainable, multimodal mobility as a service.

Customer Centric Strategy Platform

The power of natural language

A complete and correct view on the “voice of the customer” thanks to a complete and modular suite of products for a new self and assisted multi-channel experience, coherent and efficient.

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