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Digital Change

Digital Change

An increasingly digital future

Digital transformation accelerates. And changes the world. The way we live and how we work, produce, govern, enter into partnerships, communicate and create culture is changing. Markets, supply chains and business models are changing. The way value, employment and well-being are generated is changing. A new balance between public and private systems is emerging. Both the production and administrative fabric and services in general are being thoroughly redesigned. Investing in digital technology is the most effective answer to strengthen the overall growth of the country’s economic system through widespread innovation.

The highlights of this era

Increasingly intelligent devices, ever more advanced network infrastructures, multiplication of contents and applications. IoT, cyber security, cloud, big data, Web services and mobile business are the main highlights of an era teeming with new opportunities, many yet to be grasped. Profound and widespread changes are under way that bring about continuous evolution of business strategies, increasingly rooted in these digital enablers – from the most pervasive ones to those still emerging.

The business of the future belongs to those willing to change: start your revolution

Investing in IT is not enough. It is essential to profoundly review the organisation’s processes, at all levels. The contemporary challenge stimulates public and private organisations to create unprecedented networks and participate in increasingly complex digital ecosystems. Interconnectivity, interoperability and optimisation of data generated during processes are decisive elements of the new business models. The starting point is crucial. Data transformed into fresh knowledge is the latest company asset, which must then be enhanced with skills honed for the new challenges.

AlmavivA, the Italian way to innovation

Digital development fully “enables” the pivotal role of people, rooted in efficiency and simplification, transparency and inclusion. It is a crucial dimension of the transition under way. If, on the one hand, it radically alters the role and organisation of the Public Administration at various levels, on the other hand, companies are called upon to play an active role in enacting the change.

AlmavivA backs subjects that accept the challenge posed by the epochal turning-point that’s taking place. The solutions revolve around Industry 4.0 programmes, but also involve the relationship with “digital first” administration bodies, thanks to the driving force of the public connectivity system. An adaptable and flexible instrument allowing all public administration bodies to take part in the digital evolution via streamlined, well-defined routes with clear costs.

Open innovation models

AlmavivA’s distinctive factor lies in its ability to plan growth based on open innovation models, finalising an idea through customised solutions, and combining monitoring of the most advanced digital frontiers with an indispensable human connotation. It is through these characteristics that “Made in Italy” has become one of the world’s leading brands. The know-how gained by AlmavivA in the innovation and new technology sectors is a significant asset, a valuable resource in a competitive context governed by up-to-date evaluation systems oriented to quality.

Premium solutions and services

AlmavivA supports the country’s digital growth processes and takes up the challenge that each company must face to remain competitive, by innovating its own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system.

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