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Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine Services

A new approach to treatments

The structural and organizational redesigning of the social-health services is determined by the evolution of the demographic evolution in which there is a growing percentage of elderly and chronic diseases and greater difficulty overseeing remote territories.

Improving the continuity of care becomes fundamental through multi-disciplinary comparison and essential assistance for emergency-urgency services.

Telemedicine, in all of its variations, enables new approaches to care and new forms of hospital-territory continuity, especially in the area of chronic disease.






Interoperability of the information flows, immersive solutions based on virtual reality, increasingly “smarter” devices: the territorial distances are canceled out because doctors can monitor patients remotely and in real time and receive alerts as soon as the monitored values exceed defined thresholds in order to put corrective actions in place before the problems become serious enough to require hospitalization. With significant benefits for both citizens and their families and for the healthcare system overall in terms of better services provided and greater efficiency.

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