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Web portal for operating theatres and oncology

Web portal for operating theatres and oncology

Use Case

New digital tools to enhance touch features of mobile devices


Every year, about 377,000 cancer cases are diagnosed in Italy (AIRC data). These diagnoses often pave the way for different treatment paths, which may involve pharmacological or surgical treatments.

A single portal serving the treatment path

Almaviva has been working to create a new portal to collect and organize aggregate patient information and data regarding both surgeries and instruments used in chemotherapy. A special focus fell on creating interfaces optimized for mobile devices with touchscreen technology.

A web portal for operating rooms and oncology

Information and aggregated data

Touchscreen optimization for mobile devices



The new Almaviva Portal facilitates management of the entire surgical oncology department and chemotherapy process. This enables dissemination of activities to all hospital, administrative, and healthcare personnel, operator access to the various application modules by identifying the workstation used, easy and efficient interpretation of data history management, and detailed and aggregated data visualization.

Operator access to patient data

Immediate reconstruction of files

Support for oncology care


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