Digitalization at the core of innovation strategies in the public sector

Digitization, innovation, and security are the key points of the Italian PNRR (Plan for National Recovery and Resilience), the goal of which is to transform Italy into a modern country, with a more competitive productive sector and public administration that is simple and up-to-date with innovations in IT. This is to be accomplished through the promotion of a true digital transition, with the adoption of new technologies and major investments not only in infrastructure, but also in digital skills.

As a matter of fact, public administration digitalization also means redefining procedures, roles, and services in a digital context in order to improve the delivery of services to residents, with a focus on:





The Public Admin as the best ally to residents and businesses

The digitalization of processes and services makes it possible to transform the Public Admin into the best ally to users by offering high-performance and innovative online services.

The process of digital innovation in public administration, through the implementation of new architectures, cloud computing, interoperability, and open data, aims to promote the “digital life” of residents by delivering efficient and fast public services based on the “once only” principle.

The tools to interpret complexity

Every day, Almaviva works alongside public administration for the Country’s digital transformation, providing it with tools and services that can genuinely improve the lives of residents. Because innovation is not just technological progress; it also promotes new opportunities for interaction between institutions and residents, both culturally and operationally, in line with the principles of Open Government, in order to:

facilitate the development of a digital society

promote sustainable, ethical, and inclusive development

contribute to the dissemination of new digital technologies


Smart Public Admin means

Digital identity (SPID, CIE, EIDAS)

PagoPA-based payments

Web portals (transparent administration)

Web services, digital Help Desks, mobile Apps

Resident’s dossier

Digital public relations/CRM

Dematerialization and digitalization of processes

Documentary protocol

Management Software, GDPR and anti-corruption platforms

Interoperability of applications


Open Data organization and dissemination

Asset management


Almaviva’s Smart PA solutions contribute to the establishment of digital citizenship because

they are compliant with AgID guidelines

in terms of accessibility, usability, security, and reuse

they are based on open-source technology

and are cloud-ready

they promote human capital

and in-house resources

they allow economic savings

and help public administration services to be more efficient


Capable of addressing new challenges

The major renewal and modernization process undertaken in recent years by the public administration involves new infrastructure and strategies that simplify access, management, and information security, benefiting residents, public agencies, schools, regions, metropolitan cities, and municipalities.

Cloud PA

The private delivery model for Cloud Iaas and Paas services specifically dedicated to public administrations

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