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Online Citizen Services

Online Citizen Services

Use Case

Interoperability application infrastructure


The concept of interoperability has to do with the ability to exchange information between different computer systems and platforms. In the European context of the digital transition, this is a pivotal element of digitization in public administration.

In this sense, public health providers are also required to comply with interoperability criteria to ensure accessible services for all citizens.

A new system

Almaviva solution consists of interoperable application infrastructure that enables access to online services using SPID authentication. It is a single point of access, leveraging SPID and PagoPA to offer services to all citizens.

The portal integrates healthcare services to citizens, and can trigger algorithms capable of suggesting events and functionalities, by analyzing data.

Management of product life cycle phases

Application platform to develop interoperability middleware

Use of SPID and PagoPA



The interoperability infrastructure leads to savings in annual spending on the day-to-day management of IT, dematerialized processes, and application collaboration with other public agencies and digital citizen services. The system also creates new scenarios, such asenabling the development of new applications for PA users and third-party use, in line with all criteria relating to the privacy of citizens’ data.

Financial and bureaucratic efficiency

Dematerialization and digitization

Possibility of developing interoperable citizen applications


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