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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility refers to the ability of computer systems to deliver services and provide information that can be used, without discrimination, even by those who, due to disabilities, require assistive technologies or special configurations.

Almaviva Group is known for a corporate culture characterized by respect, inclusion, and the promotion of each employee’s unique qualities, which allows it to attract, develop, inspire, and reward the most talented individuals, creating an environment that is fair and diverse, open and balanced, and allowing people to grow and express themselves to the fullest.

As part of its D&I policies, the group has always been committed to accessibility, also through the work of its experts in the User Centered Design & Accessibility department, who, since 2005, have been supporting AgiD and the primary administrations in the assessment and monitoring of websites and web applications, as well as in the application of relevant legislation and guidelines.

Almaviva Group is committed to ensuring the accessibility of this website, in accordance with the best industry practices, and to conducting appropriate technical audits each year for the purpose of monitoring its status and planning continuous improvements.

Read here Almaviva Group accessibility statement. If you wish to get in touch with use, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to Accessibility.