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Clinical portal

Clinical portal

Use Case

New clinical portal


Given the digital evolution of treatment techniques and the population care of health needs, it is very important to define quality standards for health records, from production to eventual disposal.

An infrastructure for healthcare data management

The new clinical portal, supported by a wired and wireless network infrastructure, was created by Almaviva in a web app with open data technology and a single web solution consistent with the AgID guidelines on healthcare digitization. The system makes all citizen medical record information and healthcare records immediately accessible, also on the move through the use of tablets.

New portal for clinical information

Support tools for health monitoring

Solutions consistent with national guidelines



The portal enables management and harmonization of patient pathways and facilitates functional and organizational interaction between clinicians. It also streamlines all interactions between patients and staff at hospital and area sites.

Harmonization of healthcare

Improved communication between patients and healthcare personnel

More effective care management


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