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Technological solutions for COVID-19 emergency

Technological solutions for COVID-19 emergency

Use Case

Tools for technological innovation in civil defense emergency management


The COVID-19 pandemic clearly showed the need for communication and data collection in the emergency phase, particularly through digital tools.

Emergency management, data collection, portal

The new Almaviva solution involves the creation of a digital ecosystem that includes:

A general civil defense management system

An appointment management system

A portal dedicated to the COVID-19 emergency

A new infection data collection system and emergency bed planning

A system to manage individuals reentering the Calabria Region under a state of emergency



The platforms provide support for the National Health service not only in health crises, but also in general emergencies arising from both natural and man-made events. Through real-time information collection, the communication of collected data with different public destinations becomes more efficient.

Supporting the National Health service in emergency management

Data collection and transparent communication

Information systematization


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