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Systems for organ transplant & blood transfusion services

Systems for organ transplant & blood transfusion services

Use Case

Implementation and evolution of information systems: SISTRA (Transfusion Services Information System) and SiT (Transplantation Information System)

Specialized support for the National Transplant Center and the National Blood Center since their founding, for the implementation and evolution of information systems in close collaboration with the Regions


Monitoring and managing transfusion and transplantation services nationwide. This is one of the goals of the National Institute of Health, to be achieved in constant contact with regions, autonomous provinces, and other national and local institutions.

ISS Information Systems

Almaviva supports the National Transplant Center and National Blood Center in implementing and updating specific information systems, in collaboration with regional and public administrations. In particular, two solutions were implemented:


The Transfusion Services Information System manages the exchange of information between the various national levels—between the State, regions, autonomous provinces, and the National Blood Center— providing territorial transfusion facilities with up-to-date, real-time data on plasma and blood production and consumption, contributing to the evolution of the Self-Sufficiency Program


The Transplantation Information System aims to systematize information related to the National Transplantation Network, such as donor declarations and data, health status of patients who have received organs, and evaluation of outcomes by local health authorities and municipalities



The creation of information systems with real-time information allows ISS to monitor transfusion services in real time and systematize transplant information. The collection of this data also holds statistical value.

Immediate availability of information

Enhancement of local care

Systematization of transplant information

Statistically useful data on the national level


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