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Work with us

We seek out innovation aces

Attention to people, shared ethical principles, transparency, respect for the rules, full satisfaction for the customers’ expectations. These are the foundations on which Almaviva Group business project rests, looking to the future to continue creating innovation in an increasingly more dynamic and competitive market.

Made in Italy IT with an international footprint

Almaviva’s presence in Italy is a value. It is in Italy that, in recent years, Almaviva has guaranteed the most significant stable and qualified hiring plan by a private industrial group anywhere. Hundreds of people, from seasoned experts to young recruits, have joined us and we continue to have ambitious plans.

Digital innovation is, today, an outstanding Made in Italy industry, like fashion and food. Almaviva is well-aware of this and is developing one-of-a-kind expertise in strategic sectors, like the digital transition of the Public Administration sector, or sustainable mobility, within Italy and then exporting it abroad.

Skills, professional excellence, and human value: innovation springs from people

Ideas, experience, and ability of individuals. This is the true wealth of Almaviva, a Group focussing on excellence and teamwork to ensure advanced solutions and successful results for its customers.

An entrepreneurial project with a futuristic outlook, bringing together thousands of talented young men and women and seasoned professionals from the world of Information Technology and Telecommunications. What’s the goal? To tackle new challenges through a business model in which the core business is the quality of innovation.


people worldwide


employees in Italy


IT professionals


new hires in the IT sector over the last 2 years


specialist Academies per year


hours of training provided in 2022


professional certifications achieved in 2022

Professional system

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There is no great Company without great professionals

Asset promotion and attentive managerial oversight. And in center stage, skills, our most important competitive tool and focus of constant investments.

Over the last two years, we have “brought on board” more than a thousand people, predominantly under 30. These include AI solution architects, ethical hackers, Big Data specialists and other emerging profiles, strategic for the projects of a Group that accompanies the Country’s growth processes, taking on the challenge that enterprise organizations must face to stay competitive in the digital era, innovating its business model, its organization, the corporate culture and ICT.

What you will find at Almaviva


Continuous Training
Professional Certifications
Language Training


Flexible hours
Smart working
Co-working areas
Home Office platforms


Wellness Packages
Health Care
Frailty Desk
Prevention Days


Internal Referral Program
Athletic, Social, and Cultural Activities
Solidarity Days
Conventions and Corporate Benefits
Amazon Lockers


SA 8000 Certified Social Management System
UN Global Compact
Social Accountability Desk
Valore D
Female Mentoring
STEM Mentoring
Disability Pride


AlmavivA Green
Green IT
IT Solutions for the Environment
UNI EN ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System
UNI ISO 50001 Certified Energy Management System
Sustainable Mobility


29 companies worldwide
Presence in 12 Countries
International opportunities
Scientific & academic partnerships
R&D labs


We are Almaviva

In addition to skills, technology requires enormous creativity in order to understand how new trends can transform and improve the world.

Some of the IT professional profiles of the future are being defined here at Almaviva Group: we are building the professions of tomorrow with our new recruits. Also through our lab research activities and within our Academy, through a consolidated network of technological and academic partnerships.

Talent Aspirations Ideas Motivations

I am Almaviva

One image per day. An tour through Italy to tell the story of who we are. A journey aimed at sharing the profiles and words of those who are part of our community

Professional growth and training

Almaviva Group offers continuous training, professional certification paths, Academies, e-learning, and language courses.

Active for years in alternating school-work programs, Almaviva has always been committed to courses which help young high school and college graduates become oriented in and develop their digital skills, through its Academy system and a consolidated network of partnerships with universities and research centers.

Focus on

MOOVA Academy

Cities of the future, sustainable mobility, terminal hub security, and much more: the MOOVA Academy is the program for young graduates and graduating students with an obsession for transportation. Students in Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Maths, and other scientific disciplines will have the opportunity to join us and develop skills on trends in tech innovation applied to the integrated mobility sector.

MOOVA Academy

Join Almaviva, you will find the opportunity to grow while becoming an IT professional in the Transportation industry

Digital Services Academy

Financial ecosystems are called upon to rethink technology from a strategic standpoint and to provide solutions and platforms that are tailored to an increasingly interconnected world, with products and services that are more and more personalized.

The Digital Services Academy is a training program dedicated to young university graduates and undergraduates, as well as high school graduates, who aspire to become IT professionals in the financial services industry.

Through a blend of theoretical and practical training, participants will have the opportunity to acquire skills in software development and learn about trends in technological innovation applied to the finance and insurance sectors.

Digital Services Academy

Join ReActive, you will find the opportunity to grow while becoming an IT professional for financial & insurance services

Talent Digital Academy

An exceptional training opportunity for very young individuals aspiring to enter the workforce as well as internal upskilling and reskilling programs to allow employees to advance in a constantly evolving field.

From public administrations to universities, the Digital Academy model can be applied to all large organizations looking to improve their IT skills.

Talent Digital Academy

Get started with Almaviva Digitaltec to achieve your full potential in the digital era!

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Inclusion and accessibility are fundamental values for Almaviva Group, one of the first private companies in Italy to grant paid leave for civil unions and same-sex marriages abroad.

Almaviva is committed to overcoming the digital gender gap and building a future in which gender equality is a reality and not just an objective, in line with Goal 5 of UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Equal opportunities for training, growth, and career advancement for men and women, from first hire to top leadership positions. The presence of women on the Boards of Directors of Almaviva Group’s companies now exceeds 45%.

Almaviva is involved in activities that steer girls towards STEM subjects and is part of Valore D, an association of companies that promotes gender balance and inclusive culture in organizations in Italy.

The collaboration between Almaviva and ASPHI has given birth to ABCCare with its "Fragility Desk," a platform through which employees can access a wide range of multimedia documentation to support family members and caregivers of vulnerable individuals and receive private counseling.

Environmental sustainability

Almaviva Green Project has been underway since 2008, in an effort to make Almaviva Group more environmentally friendly, with the company and trade union working together in an innovative industrial relationship that focuses on three areas of activity: Green Company, Green IT, and Environmental Solutions.

To prevent and reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption generated by its corporate activities, Almaviva has developed and implemented an Environmental and Energy Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 50001 standards, which plans and streamlines eco-friendly behaviors and the efficient use of information technology at the group level, with employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders actively involved in the improvements.

As part of the project, Almaviva has partnered with zeroCO2 to create a forest of 5,000 trees in the Petén region of Guatemala, participating in a large-scale reforestation plan with a high social impact in that it enables the sustainable development of the local farming communities living on the reforested lands. It has also begun planting a Posidonetum meadow in the Sardinian Sea.

Social impact

Almaviva embodies a corporate culture based on a concern for the individual, the observance of shared ethical principles, and a transparent respect for the rules. It was among the first Italian ICT companies to obtain, in 2007, the “Social Accountability System Certificate - SA 8000”, interpreting and promoting the principles of social accountability every day.

Almaviva actively supports numerous Third Sector organizations in integrating broad ethical principles into their corporate strategies.

In Almaviva solidarity ecosystem, special emphasis is given to the activities of following organizations: the Asphi Foundation, which promotes autonomy and inclusion of people with disabilities; Komen Italy, with whom Almaviva organizes Prevention Days and the Race for the Cure; the Italian Red Cross for blood donation; AIL, for which Almaviva has developed the EVENTI App and with which it collaborates in solidarity events; Disability Pride Italy, which the group supports with its technologies to promote the rights of people with disabilities; and Parole O_Stili, with the shared goal of combating online hate speech.

Work-life balance

An essential step towards a culture of sustainability, “become” is Almaviva Group’s design strategy, co-created with the group’s employees. It aims to create a flexible and integrated environment made up of both physical and digital spaces and is inspired by a hybrid model of remote working, guided by the fundamental principles of trust, collaboration, autonomy, and responsibility, focused on efficiency and results.

A vision that focuses on people, that strives for greater safety, sustainability, work-life balance, cooperation, and communication.

Whether you are a graduate or a champion of innovation, we are interested in your enthusiasm and skills

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