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Our Group

Our Group

Almaviva. Absolute Digital

Almaviva is synonymous with digital innovation; extensive experience, unique expertise, on-going research and in-depth knowledge of the various public and private market sectors.

Almaviva Group supports the Country’s growth processes and takes up the challenge that enterprises must face to remain competitive in the digital era, by innovating its own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system.

A presence in Italy as a valuable point of reference. And it is from skills made in Italy, together with the ability to integrate different cultures, intelligences and experiences, that a global network has been created. A leading player of digital transformation.

Italian leading Group in Information & Communication Technology

46,000 people

7,000 in Italy
39,000 abroad

3rd private Italian Group

per number of employees worldwide

€1,156 bln

2023 turnover

30 companies


79 offices

in 13 Countries


An integrated strategy for Digital Transformation

Almaviva Group value proposition streamlines into three pillars to develop new business models.

Digital transformation has made business and technologies more and more integrated. Through consultancy and advisory, process and service re-engineering, usability designing, we deliver innovative solutions to magement business processes and services at any and all levels, from strategy to end-users, within the main public and private industries.

The world through the eyes of tomorrow

Digital mindset, human touch

AI comes to life

Innovation triggers from people

Skills, professional excellence, human value

The leadership of the entrepreneurial project bringing together thousands of young talented professionals and experts in ICT

Almaviva Group worldwide

A global presence

Almaviva Group operates at a gllobal level through a network of companies specialized in tech and industry-specific core business processes

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About us

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