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Our Group

Our Group

Almaviva. Absolute Digital

Almaviva is synonymous with digital innovation. Extensive experience, unique expertise, on-going research and in-depth knowledge of the various public and private market sectors are the factors making Almaviva Italy’s leading Information & Communications Technology Group.

With 46,000 employees – 7,000 in Italy and 39,000 abroad – Almaviva is the 3rd largest private Italian group in terms of employees worldwide, with total sales amounting to 1,096 billion Euro in 2022.

Almaviva supports the Country’s growth processes and takes up the challenge that companies must face to remain competitive in the digital era, by innovating its own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system. A presence in Italy as a valuable point of reference. And it is from skills made in Italy, together with the ability to integrate different cultures, intelligences and experiences, that a global network has been created. A leader of digital transformation.

Almaviva Group for Digital Change

9 companies in Italy

Absolute Digital

Digital Pulse

The new Italian company in the world of Data Science

Italian Innovation in Wealth Management

Digital innovation for the Lombardy Region

The Digital Transformation of the Finance world

Smart Travel Solutions

Supervision, SCADA, and Remote Control Systems

With a natural approach to digital innovation

7 companies abroad

Italian-style Digital Change for the European market

Made in Italy expertise for Egypt

Made in Italy Infomobility for Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

Made in Italy expertise for the Dominican Republic

Made in Italy expertise for Russia

Made-in-Italy digital mobility for the Middle East

Made in Italy Infomobility for North America

Almaviva Group for Digital Customer Management

5 companies worldwide

Excellence in Digital Customer Management

Italian-style Digital Customer Management for the Latin-American market

Italian-style Digital Customer Management for the Brazilian market

Italian-style Digital Customer Management for the Mediterranean basin

Credit collection process management

Almaviva Group for People-Centered Tech

7 companies worldwide

#AI4YOU: the natural interaction with technology

Advanced data management, a valuable asset for complex organizations

The Voice of the Customer

Location Intelligence, Big Data, & Open Data

Human Experience Intelligence

Italian-style people centered technology for the Latin-American market

Italian-style people centered technology for the North American market

Almaviva Group figures:


Almaviva companies present worldwide


branches worldwide


employees worldwide

€ 1,096 bln

turnover in 2022


agent workstations globally


selection and training centers worldwide


competence centers


Almaviva Group partnerships

Teamwork is fundamental for our Group on all levels. This is why we have formed partnerships with the main ICT world leaders and are able to offer our customers up-to-date solutions tailored to their needs.

Quality: certified commitment

Sustainability: the world through the eyes of tomorrow

We seek out innovation aces

Great companies do not exist without great professionals. Whether you are a graduate or an innovation expert, we know that your enthusiasm and skills are the gateway to the success of our products

Job opportunities

  • Junior Linux System Integration
  • Junior C-ITS Expert
  • Junior Road Infrastructure Systems Expert
  • Junior Java programmers
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • IT Architect
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Earth Observation Engineer
  • IoT & Edge Solution Developer
  • SAN & Storage System Administrator
  • Linux and/or MS Windows System Administrator
  • Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst
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