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Healthcare data integration platform

Healthcare data integration platform

Use Case

New data exchange platform


Today, citizen health data is collected in different digital spaces, depending on the area and administration managing it. This situation risks scattering important information, with potential health risks for citizens.

A platform to integrate health data

The new interoperability platform integrates regional and local services by creating an integration layer aimed at managing application flows. The solution allows information systems currently in use to be adapted to make the applications of interest fully interoperable and to migrate application systems to the regional IT infrastructure.

Integration of regional and local services

Making applications interoperable

Upgrading business information systems

Migration of application systems to the regional infrastructure



The adaptation makes the information ecosystem interoperable and simplifies management processes, along with real-time information collection and new data systematization. In addition, the solution allows the administration to benefit from tools to support data analysis, fostering cooperation between applications at different administrations.

Simplification of management processes

Cooperation between administrative applications

Rationalization of information assets


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