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Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Our rules, our commitment

Almaviva Group enterprise strategy and development are based on a set of values around which the four generations coexisting nowadays within the Group agree on. It is about principles defining the soul of the organization, inspiring the policy system and procedures, leading eveyday individual behaviour.

Withing a clear governance organization, Almaviva Group companies operate for an ethical, inclusive, and green digital transition, adhering to the highest quality standards, and promoting an integration, transparency, and respect-based culture towards the individuals being part of the business organization, ranging from communities to supplier and customers.

Almaviva Group policies

Our Group's rules: ethics, integrated policy on safety and operational continuity, social, environmental and energy respect, health and safety at work

Almaviva Group certifications

Respect for quality, according to the highest international standards: the certifications and statements of the Group companies

Almaviva Group charter of values

People and their needs are at the center of technological progress in a process guided by the ethical foundation of digital behaviour

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Our Group

About us