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Pharmaceutical Prescriptions System

Pharmaceutical Prescriptions System

Use Case

System to support the entire pharmaceutical prescription accounting process


A drug prescription is provided to citizens by their physicians, allowing them to pick up medications. To obtain drugs partially or fully paid for by the State, it is required to have a prescription charged to the National Health Service which gets collected and stored by the pharmacy to be later invoiced to the Local Healthcare Center or to the Regional Administration. This procedure requires several steps and checks, which can make citizens, too, waste time.

Supporting digital infrastructure

Almaviva’s solution consists of interoperable technology infrastructure that enables processing of payment slips for pharmacies nationwide and integrates reporting and data analysis capabilities.

An integrated platform capable of managing the entire pharmaceutical prescription process

Infrastructure to support payments for all pharmacies nationwide

Integration of reporting capabilities

Interoperability and big data



The System enables efficient accounting and dematerialization of prescriptions. In addition, data collection makes the whole process more effective and helps to combat anomalous or irregular prescriptions.

Accounting efficiency

Dematerialization of prescriptions

Countering critical issues and anomalies


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