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AlmavivA de Belgique

AlmavivA de Belgique

Italian-style Digital Change for the European market

Set up in 2014, AlmavivA de Belgique promotes technological innovation in Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union.

The company exports the experience, skills and resources of the AlmavivA Group throughout Europe, providing its customers with top-quality tools and technological innovation to help them tackle the intricate challenges posed by the IT universe.

Its mission is to bring technological innovation into the software-development and IT-infrastructure management field, levering the experience amassed by the Group during its immense worldwide experience.

Based in Brussels, the company develops production and commercial activities on the local market, with a strong focus on the world of EU Institutions and the public and private sector (TelCo & Media, Energy & Utility and Financial Services).

AlmavivA de Belgique Management

Gianfranco Previtera


AlmavivA de Belgique Management

Fabio Mazzarini


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Head office
Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée, 1B
1040 Bruxelles
tel. (39)-02.2861215

Our companies


Our companies

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