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Almaviva de Belgique

Almaviva de Belgique

Digital Change made in Italy for the European market

Established in 2014, Almaviva de Belgique exports Almaviva Group experience, expertise and resources, taking up the challenge that every organisation must face to stay competitive in the Absolute Digital era, by innovating business and organization models, corporate culture and ICT patterns.

Supporting digital growth processes is our mission, which we pursue by relying on the deep knowledge and expertise acquired by the Group over the course of its extraordinary global experience

No matter the industry or sector – Financial Services, Public Administration, Transportation & Logistics, Homeland Security & Defence, Agriculture, TelCo & Media – Almaviva solutions support the technological enhancement systems, operations processes and quality performance improvement of service levels.

In addition, the strategic role of technological partner Almaviva Group plays in the relationship with public and private sectors in the Digital Transformation process, supports the improvement and push forward technological accessibility, transparency and interoperability.

Supporting the development of our customer technological potential, through innovative and user-friendly solutions. This is our vision

Based in Brussels, the Company undertakes production and sales activities on the local market towards European institutions and public and private sectors organizations, mainly focusing on TelCo & Media, Energy & Utilities, and Financial Services industries.


Contracting Authority FWC Name Years of validity Contract description
DG TAXUD TIMEA 3 2019 - 2024 Intra-muros and Proximity Quoted Time and Means consultancy services for European Union IT systems and applications in the customs, excise and taxation areas – TIMEA3
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Solid made in Italy expertise on diversified markets, a value proposition streamlined over Almaviva Group three main business lines – Digital Change, Digital Customer Management, People-centered Technology – a presence on local markets. These are the drivers which enable Almaviva de Belgique to be the strategic technological partner supporting the development of European institutions and public and private sector organizations.

The world through the eyes of tomorrow

Digital mindset, human touch

AI comes to life

We seek out innovation experts

Great companies do not exist without great professionals. Whether you are a graduate or an innovation expert, we know that your enthusiasm and skills are the gateway to the success of our products.

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Our professionals share a vision aimed at stimulating and strengthening each individual’s ability to express himself/herself, create, develop and collaborate – a unique ‘shared intelligence’ model

Almaviva de Belgique Management

Gianfranco Previtera


Almaviva de Belgique Management

Fabio Mazzarini


Almaviva de Belgique S.A.
Head office

Rue du Commerce, 31
1000 Bruxelles

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