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The Digital Transformation of the Finance world

Created from the spin-off of the parent company’s finance division in 2022, ReActive is a company that’s involved in guiding the digital transformation of the finance world, with the mission of overseeing and developing Almaviva’s products for the banking, insurance, and new financial operators market.

The establishment of the company marks an important step in the growth of Almaviva Group, whose goal is to become a leader in the sectors in which it operates, through an investment program aimed at both internal growth and the acquisition of market shares.

A growth plan that focuses on the new digital banking model, insurance technology, and wealth management

A corporate profile (that of ReActive) which responds to the choice of focusing heavily on the finance sector and on promoting skills and production structure, in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a market that is changing rapidly and profoundly, both domestically and internationally.

Intra-group synergy is fundamental to ReActive. In addition to decades of expertise and an identity that’s well-recognized in traditional business fields (core banking, payments, finance, credits, compliance), Almaviva Group’s infrastructures, platforms, and practices - specialized in Cloud and security - represent another unique asset which allows the new company to bring a distinctive end-to-end product to the market.

Innovation starts from know-how

Products and services to support a continuously evolving industry driven bv tech innovation and new financial processes: an innovative, custom, and modular value proposition based on unique skills

ReActive Management

Antonio Amati


ReActive Management

Piero Rossini


ReActive S.r.l.
Head office

Via dei Missaglia, 97
20142 Milan
Share Capital Euro 2.000.000,00 fully paid up
Companies’ Register of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi
Tax code/VAT 12111610965
R.E.A. 2640899
Company subject to the management and direction of Almaviva S.p.A.

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