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Cyber Security & Privacy

Cyber Security & Privacy

The growth of Cyber Space

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to the integration of physical and digital production systems and the creation of increasingly complex interconnections. Digital enablers, which are variously distributed among the application sectors, deserve special mention for their consistency and action also in terms of cyber security.

Increasingly widespread threats and ever more sophisticated techniques leave organisations exposed to the risk of cyber attacks. The number of attacks against “critical sectors” has quintupled over the past few years and this trend is seriously jeopardising security, both nationally and at a global level.

The aim is not only to counter breaches and react to attacks, but to know and prevent potential threats. Cyber security is called upon to make a decisive paradigm shift in order to tackle the new challenges. It is the entire ecosystem that must be made secure: technologies, machines and people.

The most exposed sectors include:










Almaviva’s Cyber Intelligence

Almaviva guarantees an entirely new level of security and understanding of cyber threats, so that organisations can arrange actionable cyber security strategies and obtain tangible economic returns.

Almaviva Cyber Security Practice adopts a modular and scalable approach arranged into four domains. Almaviva offers a complete and diversified package of services, as well as proprietary and market technologies and products, that take into account – on the one hand – an increasingly complex and sophisticated risk scenario and – on the other hand – the constant specific evolution of key industries.


Vertical consulting services to support companies in defining and implementing an actual cyber risk framework

Governance, Risk & Compliance

An effective system to govern IT Security systems and guarantee operating continuity and the updating of company processes and activities to the current regulations

Software Security Assessment

Do you want to know how far are exposed and what you can do to protect yourself? Do you want to improve the SW Development Lifecycle and maintain high levels of business quality?

Hardware Security Assessment

Cyber attacks that exploit the vulnerability of firmware can potentially affect the entire system. Do you want to minimise the impact?

Cyber Training

Information and training on attacks: we aid you by providing the necessary tools to enhance the awareness and behaviour of your employees

System Integration

Integration services from the requirement formalisation phase to the design and implementation phases, through the use of the best market solutions and proprietary solutions

Research and Development

CyberLab dedicated to the evolution of CyberSec platforms, the design of prototypes and benchmarking of new solutions

ICS 3D Simulation

Command injection, buffer overflow, man-in-the middle, etc.: thanks to Almaviva Virtual Control System, the most common attacks can be practised and their real impact visualised in 3D

Deep Learning Penetration Testing

Thanks to the potential offered by machine learning, Almaviva proposes completely automated penetration tests

Cyber Deception

Do you want to detect attacks when they are still in the recognition phase? Almaviva solution inserts “traps” on critical paths to attract the attacker towards a controlled environment

SOC Automation

With Almaviva, you can transform the activities of the Security Operation Centre by increasing their efficacy through a synergistic relationship between people, processes and technologies


Customisable proprietary solutions tailored to specific needs, with the aim of defining controls on the most sensitive company assets, guaranteeing the reduction of business risks, while enabling productivity, business growth and the optimisation of costs


Do you want to improve the overall security of your organisation? Find out more on JOSHUA by Almaviva: one platform, six solutions


Almaviva proprietary solution allows for optimising all processes linked to data processing, in accordance with the GDPR

AlmaIdentity JIANO

With Almaviva Identity & Access Management proprietary solution, you can manage company accounts and authorisations for accessing systems in a secure and effective manner


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