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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Protecting your cyber future

In a world connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, cyber security has become a crucial issue for any public and private organization. AlmavivA offers itself as a reference service provider for its customers in defining strategies to effectively manage cyber security, in order to protect the business and information of all potentially vulnerable organizations. To effectively protect its customers, AlmavivA has structured its offer into the following areas:

The figures of an increasingly tangible danger that continues to increase year after year

over 1,000

known “serious” attacks at a global level


attacks with cybercrime aims


cyber warfare activities

+ 1,166

phishing attacks


Sectors with the highest growth in serious attacks




Large-scale retail/Retail


Banking / Finance


Critical Infrastructures


Cyber Security, Privacy-by-Design e by-Default

In a privacy-by-design perspective, the Almaviva cyber security end-to-end offer includes the definition of security requirements, the integration of solutions and the supply of managed services attuned to the customer’s needs on the basis of the risk and impact analysis.

Security Consulting & Advisory

Security consulting services to aid the business processes, also through the use of a cyber lab specialising in research and development of security services and products:

support to the customer in defining the company strategy and the evolutionary cyber security roadmaps, through a risk-based and security-by-design approach

development and provision of cyber security managed services (CyberSOC and Cyber CERT/CSIRT)

creation of services in the GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) and privacy fields

development and provision of cyber security consulting services on issues such as cyber intelligence, mobile applications, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.


Data Protection

Skills, a methodological approach and tools to protect data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). AlmavivA provides assessment services and proposes advanced remediation actions to protect data, while maintaining a sound cost-benefit balance.


Italian research and start-ups: these are the keywords of the AlmavivA CyberLab, the research and development center for IT security that collaborates with the new entrepreneurial realities, research centers and Italian universities to define models, solutions and methodological approaches used to enrich the reference standards of the offer.

The CyberLab uses the power and scalability offered by the computational resources of the AlmavivA HyperCED® to guarantee:

the evolution of technological platforms and increasingly effective coverage of market needs: Mobile, IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security Threat Intelligence, Malware analysis, Phishing Campaign for Security Awareness, Machine learning for Cyber Security and Industrial Control Systems Security

the analysis, design and development of prototypes of innovative cyber security solutions integrated in a business context of the customers’ reference business

technological benchmarking and scouting to identify and select the best products to offer to customers.


System Integration

AlmavivA operates on the main markets to create comprehensive solutions for cyber security: this includes defining the requirements, the design phase and the technical and design implementation. As for IT services, also for information security AlmavivA is at the forefront in guaranteeing solutions to problems and threats from the definition of the early signs, through constant updating of its skills and collaboration with the major national and international partners and with the market leaders in the sector’s technologies.

Managed Cyber Security Services

AlmavivA provides, also through HyperCED®, the innovative and versatile “cloud for enterprise” technology, AlmavivA provides comprehensive services to manage security (Security Operation Center and Computer Emergency Response Team), such as early Warning and Advanced Threat and Vulnerability Management, using platforms managed centrally with the highest service levels 24/7.

Products & Solutions

AlmavivA responds proactively and reactively to cyber security threats with solutions, products and methodological approaches tailored to the different technologies and mobile devices:

AlmaIdentity JIANO®

An identity and access management platform entirely developed by AlmavivA to manage the complete identity and access life cycle on the entire infrastructure and on all applications. The platform conforms to the SPID (Digital Identity Public System) guidelines and is characterized by an evolution towards IoT and physical access, in order to manage and control the Thing Identity of accesses in an integrated manner.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

A platform that allows for quantifying the cyber risk of an organisation through the information available on the Internet that characterises its “digital fingerprint”, such as: applications, websites, infrastructures, company accounts. Moreover, the identification of the most exposed assets and threatened accounts allows for timely intervening to adopt the most appropriate measures aimed at preventing the harmful consequences related to the diffusion of confidential information.

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