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Almaviva EAU

Almaviva EAU

Made-in-Italy digital mobility for the Middle East

Established in 2023, Almaviva UAE is a company fully owned by Almaviva Group, a leader in Italy in the field of ICT applied to the Transportation and Logistics industry, and an increasingly significant player on the international market. It has a value proposition enabling the opportunities offered by emerging paradigms of digital mobility.

Almaviva UAE was created to leverage the ongoing project with Etihad Rail, under which Almaviva provides its solution for rail freight transport. The objective is to develop Almaviva Group’s market in a Country that represents a strategically important distribution hub, with a high level of investment in digital innovation, particularly focused on future challenges in sustainable mobility and logistics.

Through Almaviva Saudi Arabia and Almaviva EAU, today Almaviva Group reaches the entire Middle East Region with current and ongoing business activities, not only in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but also in Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, and Oman.


Almaviva EAU Management

Vincenzo Bloise


Almaviva EAU Limited
Head office
Abu Dhabi
VD - First Floor
Incubator Building
Masdar City
United Arab Emirates

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