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Digital Experience

Digital Experience

The scenario

The AlmavivA solutions

Strategy and Planning

Realization and Implementation

Continuous Management


Some scenarios of the AlmavivA experience

Renewal of the Institutional Communication

Start again from the objectives and from the Institutional mission, to define new messages, new strategies, new image, new method of communicating (on/off-line) in a “user-centered” and “omni-channel” approach

“Culture and Tourism” Themed Portals

Aggregation and promotion of the cultural and territorial heritage, of the local entrepreneurial fabric, to promote their excellence and uniques, and thus attract users and visitors to have engaging and memorable experiences

Platform of “Customer Centered” Digital Services

Make available to citizens new touchpoints profiled for access to the online services of the PA
Usability, Accessibility, Clarity, Multi-Channel are just some of the keywords at the center of the planning principles of these solutions


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Digital Change

Cyber Security & Privacy

Digital Change