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Absolute digital, absolute mobility: Moova has come into being

Absolute digital, absolute mobility: Moova has come into being

Transportation has just taken on another dimension: Moova has come into existence - an innovative comprehensive platform that uses cutting-edge digital technology to enable the new paradigms of sustainable multimodal transport as a service.

A modern transportation ecosystem

Fast-Data Processing, Blockchain Network, Machine Learning and Augmented reality: drawing on cutting-edge technology and twenty years’ experience in ICT for the Transport & Logistics sector, AlmavivA is proud to present a platform that links the various methods of transportation into a single ecosystem.

Moova is designed to be a “service-centred” solution. It creates a new paradigm that offers customers comprehensive, integrated flexible services, fulfilling the interoperability needs of the various elements involved in this complex multi-service multi-modal multi-enterprise context.

A new travelling experience

Moova’s “customer-centric” approach allows customers to readily access extremely diversified integrated information from various sources cleverly arranged to allow for straightforward browsing and outstandingly effective communications.

Moova does away with the fragmentation and patchiness typical of information provision and boasts an ongoing ability to constantly update contents, offering timely flexible support that hones in and deals with specific requirements.

With Moova, stations, bus stops, trains and coaches become smart. With the use of IoT technology, places and objects interact with passengers via monitors, smartphones and tablets, providing them not only with information on traffic conditions and connections, but also on news, weather reports, advertising and entertainment.

Innovative solutions for operators

Moova supplies services to the various transportation operators, such as railway companies, infrastructure providers, local public transport companies and logistic operators. It delivers modular multi-modal solutions that support core processes for sales, information provision, transport planning and delivery, maintaining efficiency standards for infrastructure and vehicles, diagnostics and predictive maintenance as well as managing intermodal e2e logistics and last-mile operations.

The heart of Moova is the new Control Room which constantly interacts with the modules supporting the various operating areas, enabling users to monitor, manage and verify with integrated precision all transportation services (buses, metro, railways, etc.) and all output components (infrastructure, vehicles, personnel). What is more, when it comes up against unexpected accidents or anomalies, it makes analysis and assessment work easier, more effective and accurate so that appropriate steps can be taken to restore normal service standards. It also contributes to improving service levels and optimising output.

It facilitates interconnection and collaboration between those involved, providing analysis tools and reports that benefit both public and private entities, enabling them to glean precious information and helping them to put in place governance measures for improved ecosystems or higher safety levels.

Moova is a comprehensive integrated platform that turns around the very concept of transportation, changing users’ approach to services and offering an entirely new travel experience.