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MOOVA Absolute Mobility

MOOVA Absolute Mobility

Mobility changes dimension: MOOVA is born

MOOVA is AlmavivA platform of integrated, modular and seamless mobility, able to connect different transportation modes in a single and advanced technological framework for fast, interconnected and flexible mobility.

Thanks to using the most advanced digital technologies, MOOVA enables new sustainable, multimodal, and as a service mobility paradigms.


for satisfying the needs of mobility and logistics ecosystems, from customer service to operations for multimodal and intermodal transport, asset management and transportation digitalization


for integrating e2e passenger and freight processes into a single platform


for managing services, operations and assets in a single integrated environment


for transforming data into valuable information: intelligent, integrated, standardized, effective


for managing diverse products in a simple, smart and adaptive way with micro-services and container-based architecture: ready-for-cloud, ready-to-use.

Information Hub

Mobility digital skin

MOOVA Information Hub uses frontier technologies to collect and organize huge amounts of data coming from different sources and devices. Information, both real-time and past or future, is processed and historicized using a single information framework, intrinsically multimodal, based on international standards and the best practices of the reference market. Specialized algorithms calculate status, forecasts and KPIs to analyze behavior and support decisions.

Control Room

Unique scene to manage seamless mobility

The heart of MOOVA platform, the Control Room is an access point for real time events management, capable of integrating multiple applications to provide operators with a single workspace for monitoring services, processes and assets to manage malfunctions, interruptions and emergencies.

Customer Centric Mobility

For People

MOOVA line is dedicated to the needs of citizens and passengers, moving from traditional information systems to smart mobility, from technology-oriented business models to customer-centric business models. Customer Centric Mobility is a complete suite of products providing advanced ticketing solutions, multi-channel and multidevice infomobility, seamless customer experience services.

Traffic & Transport

For Transport

MOOVA line that provides an integrated solution in support of planning and managing all transport dimensions, from network and service design to resource management: fleet, crew and infrastructure. Traffic & Transport products can manage diverse and complex infrastructures thanks to processes designed for multimodal and intermodal networks and services.

Transport Digitalization

For Digital

MOOVA line, that both the Information Hub and the Control Room belong to, transforms assets, infrastructures, devices and touchpoints into a single digital layer that enables innovative services for the other lines. Transport Digitalization provides an integrated, detailed and consistent view of the entire transport process and allows the control and command of devices and sensors for managing vehicles, stations, infrastructure assets and operations.

Asset Management

For Asset

MOOVA line for the planning and managing infrastructure and fleet maintenance. Allows the optimization of maintenance processes: from corrective to predictive management, from the warehouse to the supply chain of materials and spare parts, from investment planning to accounting.

Intermodal Logistics

For Freight

MOOVA line for E2E digitization of the logistic chain, Intermodal Logistics offers a suite of products dedicated to customer and goods management, to handling and operations on intermodal nodes, to integration with sea and land transport, by road and by rail, in addition to supporting customs controls and the safety of transporting dangerous goods.

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