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Absolute Digital

Standing beside organisations that tackle the digital change challenge every day

A leader in Italy in information technology, AlmavivA has been supporting digital transformation in key sectors of the country’s economy for years. Regardless of the sector – finance, public administration, transport, defence and security, agriculture, telecommunications and media – AlmavivA solutions improve systems, operating processes and service levels, and are characterised by a strategic relationship between the public and private sectors, in line with the principles of open government, favouring accessibility, transparency and interoperability.

AlmavivA boasts unique experience in the design, creation and management of “mission critical” systems, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the markets and of its clients’ business, certified infrastructures and skills, an extensive international network of industrial partnerships, and an active presence in scientific and open-source communities with a vendor-independent approach.

Today AlmavivA supports digital growth processes, taking up the challenge that each company must face to stay competitive in the digital absolute era, by innovating its business model, organisation, corporate culture and ICT.

The AlmavivA vision: from Data to Business Valuable Information

AlmavivA creates solutions to support strategic processes of industry 4.0 companies and “digital first” administration bodies, adopting an ecosystem approach. For these realities AlmavivA has devised “Knowledge of Everything” systems, which fully exploit the Internet of Things and People, by generating new knowledge from information and data stemming from objects, processes and personal communications, analysed and interpreted in relation to the cultural, social and business contexts.

Where, How, What: the IT paradigm changes for an advanced digital transformation

A profound revolution is affecting the way information technology is regarded as a real enabler of the various company functions. In designing an advanced digital transformation, AlmavivA simultaneously intervenes on the three essential IT dimensions: enabling technological infrastructures (Where), models, methods and processes to aid the creation of software (How), and application architectures (What), which are no longer monoliths supporting single business processes but ecosystems of micro-services that cooperate to carry out complex functions.

AlmavivA a “sparring partner” of transformation

How to innovate amid such a volatile environment as IT? How to bring innovation where it is needed? The AlmavivA strategy is based on targeted frameworks that accompany clients on their digital journey, designing the most effective path to obtain “modern” architectures, manage software and rapidly adopt – without any risks – the new-generation technological platforms which are increasingly based on public cloud systems. AlmavivA supports its clients with equipment and tools to guide them through a sustainable and progressive transformation.

Digital Enabler for Enterprises

Internet of Things, Blockchain, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Web Services and Mobile Business: AlmavivA integrates complex systems with emerging technologies, which can be adopted in a safe and scalable manner. It stands beside all organisations seeking to radically transform their processes and business through innovative and sustainable architectures. Predictive maintenance, automated quality control, anomaly & fraud detection, traceability of the production chain, monitoring of the territory and of infrastructures are but some of the solutions that AlmavivA has already implemented in strategic sectors of the national economic fabric.

The security of ICT assets and resources

Focusing on the main IT security scenarios concerning cyber security, privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default, the AlmavivA end-to-end offer comprises the definition phase, integration of solutions and the provision of managed security services tailored to the client’s needs and based on the analysis of the risk and impact on the company’s organisation – a prerequisite for every type of production or service activity.

The mission of bringing quality, expertise and innovation to all business areas in which the Group operates is entrusted to:

The mission of bringing quality, expertise and innovation to all business areas in which the Group operates is entrusted to:

12 technological laboratories

Comprehension of natural language

Cyber Security

IoT & Knowledge of Everything

Smart Mobility

Facial & Biometric Recognition Technologies

Command and control systems C4ISTAR

Smart Ticketing

Speech recognition technologies

Distributed Ledger Technology

Mesh Application

Smart Energy & Facility Management

GIS & Spatial Thinking


17 competence centers

API Economy

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

DevOps & Low Code

Digital Customer Management

Document & Data Management

Enterprise Application Integration

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Monetics & Mobile Payments

Open Data

Open Source

ERP Platforms and Enterprise Solutions

Process Automation

Project Management

Software Engineering

Web Development & Digital Communication

Test Engineering

Data Governance


AlmavivA proposes technological solutions to improve systems, operating processes and service levels in diversified markets

Central Government

1st company in the sector

Transportation & Logistics

1st company in the sector

Defense & Security

Among the leading companies in the sector

Financial Services

Among the leading companies in the sector


AlmavivA Management

Alberto Tripi


AlmavivA Management

Marco Tripi


AlmavivA s.p.a.
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