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AlmavivA Digitaltec

AlmavivA Digitaltec

Digital Pulse

The new AlmavivA Digital Foundry in the era of Absolute Digital

AlmavivA Digitaltec was established in 2017 to develop operations based on digital and disruptive technologies, strategic for clients of AlmavivA, the Group that is a key player in the country’s digitalization process.


digital transformation professionals


years the average age of employees


offices Naples, Venice, Cagliari, Bari


Talent, skill, capacity for innovation

This is the heart and soul of AlmavivA Digitaltec, characterized by a strong component of young talent, supported by qualified senior resources, primarily involved in the areas of Mobile & Portals, IoT & GIS, API Economy, Microservices & Containers and Big Data Analytics, in light of the directions coming from the parent company’s consulting areas.

Operations oriented toward new markets

AlmavivA Digitaltec supports all the operations oriented toward new markets, with particular reference to the areas of Cloud Transformation, Legacy Modernization, Connected Vehicles, Insurance Telematics and Enterprise 4.0 in the Central and Local Public Administration, Energy and Utility, Industry and Services, Transport and Financial Services sectors.

Digital growth in key sectors for the Italian economy

In Lean IT mode, the company creates services and application components, interoperability platforms and solutions for reuse, for the purpose of expanding the catalog of services and products with which the AlmavivA Group promotes digital growth in key sectors for the Italian economy.

New resource hiring and development methods

The Digital Foundry of the AlmavivA Group adopts new resource hiring and development methods which anticipate a strategic, systemic and integrated rapport with the best Universities, the most challenging research projects, Academies and Hackathons all over the national territory.

AlmavivA Digitaltec Management

Antonio Amati

Sole Director

AlmavivA Digitaltec Management

Vittorio Falini

General Manager

AlmavivA Digitaltec S.r.l.
Sole member
Centro Direzionale Isola F8, Via F. Lauria
80143 Napoli
Share Capital: € 250.000,00 i.v.
Tax Identification/VAT Registration nr: 08776181219
Company's Registry of Naples
Management and Coordination of AlmavivA spa

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