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Managed Services

Managed Services

The Cloud model ensures that the Company’s mission-critical services will provide the utmost in terms of the performance, scalability and resilience needed to handle the requirements of the business, introducing a series of advantages:

Reduction of Time to Market

a self-service experience with enabling of the DevOps processes.

Cost Optimization

Pay-as-you-go model with total visibility of the costs.

Flexibility and scalability

automation and end-to-end provisioning of a standard platform with the possibility of resizing.

Resilience and elasticity

a distributed and decoupled architecture which ensures that there is no single point of error and offers more resources as the demand increases.


simplified and available as a service with cutting-edge technology and no initial expense.


Strategic consulting and operational support 24/7: with the experience of highly specialized personnel, Almaviva Managed Services manage the entire life cycle of Cloud infrastructures.

Resource Provisioning

The administrators conduct resource provisioning based on the desired specifications.

Configuration Management

The resources become components of a configuration management system that supports activities such as optimization and the application of patches.

Monitoring & Performance

The monitoring and performance instruments validate the operational status of the resources, examining elements such as metrics, synthetic transactions and log files.

Governance & Compliance

The compliance and governance frameworks guide an additional validation to guarantee compliance with corporate and sector standards, as well as regulatory requirements.

Resource Optimization

The administrators examine the performance data and identify the necessary changes to optimize the environment based on criteria such as performance and cost management.

The management service implements and makes available the “infrastructure as a code” automation tools offered by AWS:

Cloud Formation

Systems Manager

OpsWorks for Chef Automate



Trusted Advisor

Efficiency, scalability, resilience, security: Almaviva Cloud model for maximum quality of mission-critical services

Use Case

The Real Estate Portal

Information for users, management of back-office services, cost control and optimization through Managed Services

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Almaviva is awarded AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) certification

The AWS MSP Partner Program recognizes and validates leading APN consulting partners that are highly skilled in providing complete solutions to clients.

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