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Migration Advisory

Migration Advisory

The migration of workloads to the Cloud lets you take advantage of the advantages offered by the constantly evolving technologies and AWS services.

Reduction of Time to market

a self-service experience with enabling of the DevOps processes.

Cost Optimization

Pay-as-you-go model with total visibility of the costs.

Flexibility and scalability

automation and end-to-end provisioning of a standard platform with the possibility of resizing.

Resilience and elasticity

a distributed and decoupled architecture which ensures that there is no single point of error and offers more resources as the demand increases.


simplified and available as a service with cutting-edge technology and no initial expense.


Almaviva’s experience in migration projects to the AWS Cloud

lets us manage the connected risks and choose the ideal methods for minimizing the impact on providing services. The process is guided by specific analyses and reports that represent strategies, risk assessment, detailed business plans and ROI analysis.

Almaviva works alongside the customer during the migration process

analyzing the applications and the relative business critical issues, sharing the technological and business goals, defining a schedule for adoption of the Cloud services to take maximum advantage of the potential offered by AWS.

Almaviva Cloud Services structure

certified by AWS is capable of transforming the IT infrastructure and activating the benefits of elasticity, resilience and scalability required for all the company’s applications, taking the customer through the processes of: Advisory, Assessment, Discovery & Planning, Migration, Optimization & Operation.

Almaviva, your sparring partner for migration projects

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