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Digital Sovereignty

Digital Sovereignty

Digital sovereignty

Digital sovereignty, a strategic driver within the digital era, refers to the capability of a Country and/or an organization to keep control and autonomy over their own digital assets, data, and infrastructures. It is one of the answers to the major concerns as far as security, data location, and privacy.

Key elements


tighter control on digital infrastructures to prevent cyber attacks and data breach


better protection of citizens personal data


development of local technologies



Tech autonomy

R&D investments to create digital solutions at a national level

Infrastructure control

data, data center, and digital platform management unbiased by external factors

Rules & regulations

norms to promote digital sovereignty


Areas of implementation

Cloud computing

local Cloud services for enterprises and Gov


protection of network and sensitive data from external threats


digital services to citizens, provided in a safe and independent mode



Digital sovereignty is strategic to security, privacy, and independence of a Country and/or an organization within the digital era.

Almaviva Group collaborates with the main Cloud Service Providers at a global level to ensure data sovereignty in turn-key solutions and services.

More specifically, through the partnership with Amazon Web Services, the Group implements a defined control framework and cooperates in the key activities of digital sovereignty at both a national and European level:

  • AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge

    AWS is committed to provide customers and partners, such as Almaviva Group, with an advanced set of sovereignty checks and features available in Cloud mode

  • AWS European Sovereign Cloud

    a new independent Cloud for the European Region: a service supporting the public sector organizations and highly-regulated industry customers to fulfill digital sovereignty needs (the first available region will be in Germany by the end of 2025)

  • AWS Dedicated Local Zones

    infrastructures fully managed by AWS, set up for the exclusive use of a customer/partner and which can be placed in a specific location or in a data center to comply to ruling regulations and provide flexibility, scalability, and pay-as-you-go pricing models, with additional security & governance features

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