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Almaviva’s DevOps approach lets you have agile processes which best adapt to external changes and streamline the company’s innovation, improving efficiency both in software development and infrastructure management.

The main models based on DevOps used in managing the systems in the AWS Cloud:

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment



The Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration pipelines

provide great benefits in processes to update, managing and optimize them, reducing the risk in the deploy and bug-fixing processes in the software extended to the infrastructures.

Infrastructure and configurations automation

streamlined by the tools make available by AWS, helps to maintain the elasticity in managing the Cloud resources and, at the same time, allows granular control to be achieved down to the individual service.

Infrastructure as code

allows the software management methods to be extended to the infrastructure, inheriting the speed, agility and accuracy typical of the DevOps processes. Simply use a text file to define complex infrastructures and to create the functional elements that make them up.

The introduction of the Infrastructure as Code paradigm into management of Cloud environments

streamlines and evolves the advantages offered by AWS: control of the infrastructures, the resilience, the scalability, the security (security by design), the application of standards and blueprints.

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