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Real Estate Portal

Real Estate Portal


Efficiency, scalability, resilience, and security

A complete and integrated solution for real estate companies which assists in the advertising and sale of new properties as early as the construction phase and is organized into:

  • a Front-End user layer consisting of construction site "microsites", a platform for the sales agent, and a tool for creating product/construction site websites
  • a decoupling and integration layer to allow scalability and easy integration of the platform with other third-party applications (SalesForce, document engines, etc.)
  • a CMS Back-End layer.

Real Estate Portal functionalities

Information request

Selected criteria-based search

Content indexing

Solution presentation

Contact management

Content management (Back-Office Portal)


A distributed 3-level model

The Portal architecture is based on a multi-tier model made up of a presentation level, a logic level, and a data level.

The presentation level is the component which users use to interact directly with the portal (i.e.: a web page, the UI of a mobile app, etc.).

The logic level contains the code necessary for translating the user’s actions at the presentation level into the functions which determine the behavior of the application.

The data level consists of the storage mediums (database, object store, cache, file systems, etc.) which archive the data that’s relevant to the application.

A solution with safe, reliable, and efficient performance features

This Almaviva solution is designed on AWS in compliance with the Well-Architected Framework and, through its Managed Services, guarantees total control, complete service management, and the utmost attention to cost optimization.

AWS services used

API Gateway

Cloud Front




Amazon CloudWatch






Route 53



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