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In the Cloud architecture design, Almaviva specialists use best practices to provide the customer with the best infrastructures.

To design the AWS-hosted services, our architects use the Well-Architected Framework, which provides the guidelines needed to define the best system implementation choices. The objective is infrastructures with excellent requirements in terms of security, scalability and resilience and efficient, reliable and affordable applications.

The five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

Operational Excellence

in managing and monitoring systems, in order to provide value and constantly improve processes and procedures, adopting the automation logic offered by the AWS Cloud.


focuses attention on protecting information and systems.


observes the ability to prevent faults and quickly recover the affected services to meet the demand of the customers and the business.

Performance Efficiency

checks the performance of the systems and focuses attention on the efficient use of the IT and processing resources.

Cost Optimization

focuses attention on optimization of costs and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

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